Why Bitcoin price will (not) reach $1 million

by Paulius K.
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Crypto industry 2017

2017 was a year of cryptocurrency explode. For everyone who was in cryptocurrency market 2017 was a constant growth and wealth year. It was the year when ICO Boom whole over the world and it is only the beginning of it. The exponential growth of Crypto-currency, the wide publicity of Bitcoin in the world media, and even the recognition of this industry by some states

Cryptocurrency market capitalization

Every coin in crypto market growth as much as it was possible. Growing capitalization of a coin means how much finance it includes and crypto coin price depends on demand. All this means that if there was not a widespread interest in crypto-currencies, their capitalization would not grow so dynamically.

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Crypto will make you rich in 2018 or not?

by Paulius K.
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Will cryptocurrencies keep rise in 2018 or not?

2017 was a year when cryptocurrencies made a breakout. Eventually it become an investment return for investors.
Massive returns of profit were gain almost from all cryptocurrencies not mentioning that Bitcoin and Ethereum came to All-time Highs of price.
If you were holding cryptocurrencies from 2017 January to December, you earned more than a 1000 % profit.
Off course we could dig into that bitcoin came to life in 2009 and people who mined it or bought now are millionaires. 

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Top 10 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that make you rich 2018

by Paulius K.
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Top 10 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)  2018

The way crypto currency takes over global money market is what you should be looking for a proper investment in Initial Coin Offerings.
99 % percent of all crypto ICO‘s is a scam so you must be aware when you are sending yours money.

We will help you reveal what ICO’s should be watch close to invest into.

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