How much money you need to start trading for living?

by Paulius K.
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How much money do you need to trade with to make a living in trading?

Yeah good question I would say on a five ground doubled is there's no point.

You don't think I train the stocks in your average trade platform a pound trade. You cannot move your position and take a loss and then there's nothing dive you know he's got less than five thousand times. You think in this way one of most businesses fail because on the capitalized which to a flower shop. Before I ground which is not any business with five ground no twenty so you trading career life to find that sometimes you know it is a small amount of money the ground scheme of things so for me again

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Crypto will make you rich in 2018 or not?

by Paulius K.
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Will cryptocurrencies keep rise in 2018 or not?

2017 was a year when cryptocurrencies made a breakout. Eventually it become an investment return for investors.
Massive returns of profit were gain almost from all cryptocurrencies not mentioning that Bitcoin and Ethereum came to All-time Highs of price.
If you were holding cryptocurrencies from 2017 January to December, you earned more than a 1000 % profit.
Off course we could dig into that bitcoin came to life in 2009 and people who mined it or bought now are millionaires. 

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