Crypto will make you rich in 2018 or not?

by Paulius K.
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Will cryptocurrencies keep rise in 2018 or not?

2017 was a year when cryptocurrencies made a breakout. Eventually it become an investment return for investors.
Massive returns of profit were gain almost from all cryptocurrencies not mentioning that Bitcoin and Ethereum came to All-time Highs of price.
If you were holding cryptocurrencies from 2017 January to December, you earned more than a 1000 % profit.
Off course we could dig into that bitcoin came to life in 2009 and people who mined it or bought now are millionaires. 

Now we are speaking not about 2009 geeks who made a bet that BTC will reach something incredible in years but we are speaking about people who got into cryptocurrencies before 2014 when BTC and other ALTS were very cheap. Early investors who have bought bitcoin on a price of 100 $ made profit we cannot imagine. 

The thing is that we can easy track richest wallets of a BTC holders but there are likely to be thousands of people holding onto a small fortune in Bitcoin.
There is a stunning crowd of early Bitcoin adopters that like to promote the ‘hodl’ lifestyle. They are keep holding it no matter is price go up or fall. It is really to argue with them when you see such a sky rocket cryptocurrencies flight during 2017 years, but maybe they are doing life time mistake?

Bitcoin price chart


Well-known venture capitalist Fred Wilson insists that investor, or a person’s who was able to get into cheap cryptocurrency train should take so profit out from a “table”. This must be done until market will crash as moment when market crash taking money from “table” is way too late. 

You never know when market will crash or sky rocket. But you are definitely sure that cryptocurrencies are not defended by a law of trading like normal stocks and bonds are. If you will lose cryptocurrencies you will lose it without a chance to get help from government. Cryptocurrencies are heavily manipulated so taking some profit from “table” is must to do.


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As Cryptocurrency market always been not stable past months Is a time when market price is shrinking and worth of Bitcoin is dropping fast. Marred by volatility, the markets have seen wild price fluctuations with many virtual currencies affected.

Right now is a Bull versus Bear market and who will win we don’t know but one thing is clear as it can be: Bitcoin price is manipulated so don’t be caught into traps that hedge funds preparing for small Cryptocurrency investors.
2018 year will be a something that hard to understand right now but we are sure that the CBE and CMOE have blazed the trail for Bitcoin Futures. Biggest New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and Goldman Sachs are all preparing to launch their own offerings during summer of a 2018.

If we mix it with a massive new customer wave into Cryptocurrency market, we will see new crazy wealthy wave that will bring price of Cryptocurrency to a new All Time High.

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